Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hoping to look Just Gorgeous

On Thursday 8/2/12 I booked in to see my amazing nail technician Sammi.
Sammi is the owner of Just Gorgeous here is a little bit about her in her own words....

I trained to be a Nail Technician in 2003 and was taught by the multi award winning Pamela Rholf  to use CND products, the very best on the market. It was then I discovered my passion for making others look and feel beautiful. I had a thirst for knowledge and I studied for the next 2 years in everything to do with Nails and eventually earned myself the title of Master Nail Technician
She is also highly trained in Hair Extensions, St Tropez Tanning, Individual Eyelash Extensions and Minx.

You can see some examples of her work on the Just Gorgeous Facebook Page.

I love going to the salon they always make you feel welcome and it has a friendly, but professional feel to it  :)

As I was going to a club night called Moda Wild in the City and there was a prize for wearing the most animal like outfit.
 I asked for my nails to be done in leopard print to match my dress and shoes!

After infilling my nails (I wear acrylic ones) she applied a metallic brown for the base coat..

 She then painted on the outlines of the leopard prints with a black nail art polish (I was very impressed with her steady hand!)

 She then proceeded to fill in the outlines with a gold polish and topped it off with a clear top coat and voila the fabulous finished product!
My next treat was a full set of eyelash extensions which was a first for me. I have had flicks before, but not a full set.
I love them although you have to be pretty patient and able to control your blinking reflex (this is something I am not and can't seem to do very well lol!)

These are my lashes before....

 and now looking lashtastic!

The results are well worth the patience though and I fully intend to follow up with the infills for them in two weeks.
I really can't recommend Just Gorgeous enough the treatments are top class and the staff are great (Jemma even went to the shop in the middle of a snowstorm to get me a sandwich as I was starving!)

So go have a nosey at the website and facebook page make your own mind up and get an appointment booked sharpish!

Much Love
Heather xx

Disclaimer. I paid for the treatments myself and all my opinions are my own.


  1. I love your eyelashes babe!! I really want mine doing but I dunno why I'm a bit scared of the thought of it lol! xxxxxxx

    1. I was a bit to one of the worries being that either my eyes would be glued together or they would be really uncomfy to wear neither of these things happened so I am a happy bunny lol.
      You should def give them a go i know Vickie does them so maybe you should have a chat with her?
      Its not as cheap as applying your own strip lashes but so worth the pay off :)xxxxxx

  2. Replies
    1. awww thank you hun :) My next post is going to be about HD Brows an the lashes and brows look awesome together! x