Thursday, 16 February 2012

HD Brows with Face Facts

Hello my dears!!
I am carrying on my reviews of my beauty treats :)

On Saturday the 11/2/12 I had a very important date, a date with amazing brows!

I have been hearing good things about HD Brows for a while now.
I have for a long time plucked my eyebrows into skinny submission for which no amount of eyebrow pencil seemed to improve so the thought of thicker eyebrows appealed to me.
Hence I decided to give these brows a go!

After checking the HD Brows website for a salon in my area that I could get this done at I settled on Face Facts  I  liked the website and when I called to have a quick chat about the treatment the girl I spoke to couldn't have been more helpful in explaining what I needed to do prior to my brows being HD'd which basically consisted of not plucking them and making sure I put the patch test on before I came in for the treatment.

So five long weeks later my now scruffy and overgrown eyebrows and I went to Face Facts to have ourselves "blinged out" as my HD Brow technician Gemma called it!

The salon is right at the foot of Lincolns famous Steep Hill....

I love how tucked out of the way it was, it made it seem very like one of those salons that you have to be "in the know" about to go to without having a snobbish feel to it. Anyway on to the treatment....

HD Brows consists of a seven step process involves among other things Tinting, Waxing, Plucking, Threading and Trimming.

My messy brows prior to treatment...

 The tint once it has been applied
 How it looks after the tint
 After waxing, plucking and threading
 The finished result after trimming, soothing, mineral make up application and the use of the HD Brow palette in Vamp to fill in the gaps.
I completely love my new brows I feel like they frame my face and make my eyes much more striking!
I even invested in my own HD Brow palette in vamp to keep up the look at home.

Gemma my technician has been doing this for three years now I had a quick chat with her after she had  finished with me to talk about the preconceptions people have about HD Brows.

She says one of the most asked questions she has is "will it look like a scouse brow?" in fact she says she actually has people bringing in pictures just to show her what they don't want them to look like!

So to clear things up once and for all HD Brows are assessed on you own brow needs for your face shape and hair colour they are there to enhance and not overpower.
 Most of all they are meant to make you feel well presented and confident in yourself.

My treatment cost £30 and should last for about four weeks I am more than happy to pay this price as I feel the end results are well worth it.

I found Gemma friendly and enthusiastic about her job which made treatment fly by and really put me at ease, but don't just take my word for it pop in to Face Facts and see what they have to offer I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Have you already had HD Brows? What did you think? Please leave a comment I would love to hear your thoughts!

Much Love
Heather xx


  1. Never thought about them before but yours look really nice! £30 is definitely worth it if you're happy with the results and they last that long :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. They really are fab I cant get over how much more definition they give to my face am def going to keep them up!
      thanks for the follow :)
      Heather xx

    2. OMG Heather - I hate this month's Glossybox! :(

    3. Just opened mine and I don't love it either :( I got the red stick on nails which I would never use anyway lol I dont mind the BM eyeshadow but its in black so quite harsh and I like the Du Wop lip gloss the shower gel meh and the hair stuff is ok but nothing amazing am pretty sad too as was really looking forward to my box this month :( Still have my carmine one due tho so fingers crossed it will be good! xx

    4. The Carmine one is brill this month I'm signing up (hopefully in time) to get it! xx

  2. I love the result! Your brows look wonderful :-) Great blog, I have followed :-)